Our Programs

Unflood Ontario

Our communities need protection from flooding. That’s why in 2019, we teamed up with the Niagara Community Foundation, the Toronto Foundation, and the Durham Community Foundation to deliver a new innovative project designed to reduce the harm caused by flooding along Western Lake Ontario. 

Part of a larger Great Lakes wide project called Great Lakes One Water, our focus is on increasing the use of natural infrastructure, like trees, green roofs and rain gardens. That’s because natural infrastructure is an excellent way to keep water out of our basements and streets, and to clean it before it enters Lake Ontario. We’re working with community stakeholders across the Greater Golden Horseshoe to find innovative ways of installing natural infrastructure.

What is Natural Infrastructure?

Natural infrastructure is the natural vegetative systems and green “technologies” that effectively replicate the functions of ecosystems (such as stormwater storage and filtration) and collectively provide many economic, environmental and social benefits. These include rain gardens, trees, bioswales, engineered wetlands, stormwater ponds, green roofs, green walls, parks, gardens and grassed areas. It also includes technologies like porous pavements, rain barrels and cisterns, which can part of natural infrastructure support systems.

Climate Justice Mobilization Hub

Started recently under the leadership of Tom Liacas and his team, we are creating a Mobilization Hub that support social movements and citizen mobilization around the climate crisis. It includes sharing knowledge, coaching and mentorship, a community of practice for organizers, and wider sector learning hub.