Our Partners

Over the last two years, we had the good fortune of working with incredible partners.

A Greener Future: Cleaning up the Shores

Each year is a clean-up adventure along the shores of Lake Ontario. Starting in Niagara-on-the-Lake and moving east towards Kingston, A Greener Future completes 100 litter cleanups along the way.

BurlingtonGreen: Keeping the City Green

BurlingtonGreen restores natural habitat, plants thousands of trees, grows and donates more than 7,800 pounds of organic produce to local food banks, and diverts tonnes of waste from landfill in Burlington, Ontario.

Fairtriad: Rescue unused items and turn them into a charitable donation

FairTriad allows consumers and donors to trade items such as electronics, furniture, clothing, and home appliances, in return for a charitable cash donation towards a registered Canadian charity. This way, buying or selling used items can still protect the environment.

Small Change is too modest a name for this Fund: their support has meant Big Changes for our fundraising. We had our best end-of-year fund-raising ever.


Wellington Water Watchers

The Narwhal: Forests for our Future

Forestry has always been one of Canada’s biggest industries and has led to an unsurpassable amount of logging, which has resulted in the devastating loss of tress and forests. Telling stories and identifying solutions helps preserve Canadian forests.

Wellington Water Watchers: Water for Life, Not Profit

Forestry has always been one of Canada’s biggest industries and has led to an unsurpassable amount of logging, which has resulted in the devastating loss of tress and forests. Telling stories and identifying solutions helps preserve Canadian forests.

Simcoe County Greenbelt Coalition: Growing the Greenbelt to Get Permanent Protection for Ontario’s Sensitive Habitats

Expanding Ontario’s Greenbelt to Simcoe County allows nature and farming to thrive and helps mitigate the climate crisis. A bigger Greenbelt is a game changer and part of a natural solution to climate change.

A Greener Future: The Butt Blitz 2020

Each year volunteers pick up hundreds of thousands of cigarette butts and send them to be recycled. We’re helping with The Butt Blitz, which educates Canadians about the impacts of cigarette butt litter and provide solutions that will help protect the environment from its effects.

I’m a firm believer that the people at the helm of this initiative are some of the wisest and most knowledgeable people in the sector with experience that relates directly to our activities.


Ecology Ottawa

No Place for a Quarry

Citizens in Bancroft, Ontario are concerned about a proposed quarry on the border of Town. The quarry will cause irreversible damage to people, animals and environment. We are helping them stop the construction of this quarry.

Kingscross Ratepayers Association: Save the Oak Ridges Moraine in King Township

If ever there was land on the Oak Ridges Moraine in need of protection from development, this is it. The land has steep slopes, a forest area filled with trees, frog species, and wetlands. Yet a large development is threatening this ecological paradise which should become a conservation reserve.

Halton Environment Network: Environmental Documentaries

As part of the Oakville Festival of Film and Art in Ontario, a special screening of three award-winning environmental documentaries was organized.

Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance: The Genetics of a Species at Risk, the Brook Floater

Working hard to enhance and maintain the Petitcodiac and Memramcook Rivers in New Brunswick, the Alliance promotes watershed awareness, identifies environmental problems, and protects watersheds.

Iron & Earth: A Fossil Free Future: Re-training Oil & Gas Workers to install Renewable Energy

Iron & Earth re-trains out-of-work oil industry electricians in Alberta to install solar panels, creating sustainable income for energy workers and accelerating the shift to a clean energy economy.

Protect Our Waterways: No Nuclear Dump

Burying nuclear waste poses a risk to water security, agricultural heritage, and well-being of the community. South Bruce has a thriving year-round agricultural sector with one of the lowest unemployment rates in Ontario and should not be home to a nuclear dump.

Thanks to the Small Change Fund, I’ve been part of a great initiative that has us sharing experiences and strategies and this has been extremely helpful.


New Brunswick Lung Association

Sustainable Media Production Canada: ACTION! Greening Ontario’s Film & Television Industry

The Ontario film, television and digital media production industry needs to enter the 20th century and implement sustainable production practices. Waste and climate change are the two biggest opportunities to reduce that industry’s environmental footprint.

TTCRiders: Transit Champions

Working with many grassroots organizations will help engage and lead thousands of Torontonians to become “Transit Champions” and advocate for better, more affordable transit for everyone.

Ecology Ottawa: Stopping Sprawl

Inefficient sprawl costs the environment, increases taxes, and intensifies climate change. Ecology Ottawa provides residents with the information and tools they need to understand these issues and promote leadership for better development within the City of Ottawa.

Environment Hamilton: Clean Air

Environment Hamilton is a community-focused, Ontario non-profit working towards a city that is a carbon-neutral community with local food sources, sustainable transportation, and clean air.

Friends of the Rouge: Saving the Rouge

The Friends involve thousands of school and community volunteers in the protection and restoration of native forest, wetlands, and meadows in the Rouge River Watershed and National Park in Ontario.

Tottenham Water Group: Clean Water Now! Reducing Trihalomethanes in Drinking Water

For 11 years, the levels of trihalomethanes, many of them carcinogenic, were above the maximum acceptable limit in Tottenham’s drinking water. The citizens deserve clean drinking water now!

Small Change Fund has been very helpful in getting the word out and raising funds to help in our campaign to protect the Oak Ridge Moraine. Thank you Small Change Fund!


Kings Cross Residents Association

Iron & Earth: Career Portal

The Climate Career Portal is a web-based platform to support fossil fuel industry and Indigenous workers in finding and securing employment in climate mitigation/adaptation careers.

EOS Eco-Energy: Climate Change Education in Chignecto

The narrow and low lying strip of land that connects New Brunswick and Nova Scotia is known as the Chignecto Region. It is especially vulnerable to climate change. EOS EcoEnergy envisions a resilient Chignecto Region in the face of climate change by conducting educational campaigns and finding community-based solutions.

Fighting Climate Change by Protecting Temagami

Protecting old growth Temagami has been a long struggle and the Province of Ontario still wants to allow the cutting of old growth forest. Instead, the Province should adapt its forestry practices to account for the climate crisis, and deploy our vast public woodlands to stabilize the Earth’s climate.

Grow Ontario Together: Protecting the Great Lakes

This project looks at how to make the Great Lakes relevant again to Canadians. How do we increase the profile of the Great Lakes? How do we get Canadians to appreciate, value, and celebrate the Great Lakes? And how do we get Canadians, especially younger ones, engaged to take action to protect them?

Sustainable Eastern Ontario: Eastern Ontario sustainability map

Sustainable Eastern Ontario provides capacity building and sustainability support across the region to many organizations, neighbourhood groups, and non-profits. A special project is in the works to develop a mapping tool for sustainability and environmental initiatives across Eastern Ontario.

Lung Association of NB: Resilient Recovery: toward an inclusive, equitable and resilient Canada

The New Brunswick Lung Association and the Canadian Network for Human Health and the Environment are launching a public education strategy and national advocacy campaign to increase resiliency in all Canadians, enabling us to live better lives, and contribute to our country.

St. Mary’s River Association: No Open Pit Excavation

The St. Mary’s River Association embarked on an ambitious watershed and restoration plan and management initiative in 2008, “Healthy River, Vibrant Communities.” They are still at it, restoring the ecological integrity of the St. Mary’s River in Nova Scotia to bring benefit to the natural environment and to the people that live and work there. 

Nation Prospère Acadie: Acadian Forest Protection Project

Nation Prospère Acadie develops and implements durable solutions to enable Atlantic Canada’s Acadian People to thrive in the 21st century. They are working hard to protect the Avon (Pisiguit) River.